Time Traveller Persona

Time Traveller Persona (TTP), frequently male, also known as the Down to Earth Time Traveller, since only rarely does he pursue notable historic events or partakes in thrilling adventures. TTP would normally seek minor local past events he can amend, usually for the sake of others.

The Time Traveller Persona is a relatively new Alter and thus his alterviews revolve around his understanding and constructing of his Persona. Given his novice Alterness, Time Traveller Persona may come at contradictions and incongruities during an alterview. He relies on the assistance and guidance of the Ultra-Viewer, and is usually pushed by her to formulate his Persona and rethink major clashes in his alter-histories.

The Time Traveller is one of the most person-grounded Personas in The Sewers, relying heavily on what seems to be a mixture of both person and Persona history. Since his history is alterview-dependant – that is, it is unknown to anyone here in The Sewers prior to the alterview – it is hard to assess just how person-oriented the whole current stance of this Persona is.

Nevertheless, TTP is an exemplary Persona in the sense that it articulates very accurately the fact that every Alter-Persona, however extravagant, must arise from person-oriented environment. Was he or she to become time travelling heroes, the aspect of their Alterness would be overshadowed by some fantasy character. What makes Time Traveller an Alter-Persona and not a mere ‘character’, is the fact that all of his or her future and past travels are basically their person’s wishful thinking. This aspect of TTP is roughly the basis of any Alter-Persona, although it isn’t always as apparent.

The Time Traveller inevitably multiplies and evolves: every quest to future and past is bound to change this Persona. This aspect is quite unique to TTP, whereas other Alter-Personas tend to remain – however moody – fixed and stable.

TTP also conducts alterviews here in The Sewers. As an alterviewer, TTP is most eloquent in binding his or her alterviewees in person oriented context, thus enabling them to rethink the extent of separability between their Persona and person. Some here in The Sewers believe that TTP must not conduct alterviews of recently discovered Alter-Personas who are during their initial course of realization, precisely because he or she tend to become person-oriented and may hinder the development of a new comer’s Persona. However, others here in The Sewers believe TTP can be an effective facilitator for new-comers precisely because of his or hers less strict perspective of person-Persona relations and their enabling stance towards a more gradual construction of an Alter-Persona.

* Safe Word: Genesis

* Mood Swings: Stable

* Percentage of Sober Alterviews: 80%

* English Language: Native (UK)

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