The Protocol

We congratulate you here and now for joining us in The Sewers! You are about to embark on an alterview: all Alter Personas are welcome here and we’re most honoured to alterview yours!

As you may have noticed, in our alterviews there are plentiful opportunities of discomfort or even distress. Therefore we have embraced the code of the Safe Word. If your alterviewer may sense your Alter Persona is going off track or becoming offensive, violent or may harm yourself or others, your alterviewer would state his or her Safe Word. As you’re most likely to be Alterviewed by the Ultra-Viewer, you are to be informed that she uses the word Butterfly as her Safe Word. Once a Safe word is uttered, your Alter Persona has to withdraw immediately.

You, of course, must also inform your alterviewer of your Safe Word, so that if you sense his or her Alter Persona is off track, offensive, violent or may harm you in any way, you’d say it and the alterview would be stopped immediately.

Please give yourself a moment to come up with such a word, and, as possible, make sure this word isn’t one that may naturally appear in our alterview\altersation.

Please inform your alterviewer of your Safe word in the beginning of the alterview.

Please avoid person-oriented content during your alterview.

Do not attempt to invoke person-oriented responses in your alterviewer. This may lead to an immediate termination of the alterview.

Bear in mind! Although person-oriented content is unwelcome during an alterview, we fully acknowledge at all times the existence of you as person. One must never refute the existence of another as person, for this may lead to extreme distress. If, at any time, you sense you’re losing yourself as person due to your alterviewer’s conduct or due to any reason what so ever, please use your Safe Word and ask to terminate the alterview at once.