Anarchist Philosopher Persona

The Anarchist Philosopher Persona (the A.P) is one of the most difficult Personas here in The Sewers, as well as a matter of dispute, given her apparent reluctance to be alterviewed at times. While the Anarchist Philosopher Persona is always keen to articulate in great length and detail her thoughts and analyses concerning political theory and philosophy, she rarely allows a true Alter-dialogue to evolve, and hardly ever responds to provocations by the Ultraviewer Persona. She would, however, create provocations of her own from time to time, in order to lure others into her complex views and reflections.

As expected, the Anarchist Philosopher Persona shows deep interest in radical social theories and is a very articulate debater. Since she rarely allows any other subjects of discussion, it is difficult to assess just how person-oriented this Persona may be, or to assume the origin of her alter-history or present. Some here in The Sewers even claim the Anarchist Philosopher not to be an actual Alter-ego Persona, since she appears to lack such distinct alter-histories. Others, however, claim that what seems to be a lack of alter-histories is part of the A.P’s mannerism of strict reluctance to respond to any provocation that may derail her from making her point.

The Anarchist Philosopher Persona would, despite controversies, conduct alterviews here in The Sewers if she wishes to.

Safe Word: Safe Word 

Percentage of Sober Alterviews: 50%

Mood Swings: Stable

English Language: Fluent   

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Upcoming Alterviews/Altersations: 

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