The Ultra-Viewer Persona

The Ultra-Viewer Persona – The U.P – is the most dominant Persona here in The Sewers, and perhaps the most enigmatic one. Conducting the majority of Alterviews, the U.P may appear to some as a mere chameleon, as she seems to be deeply immersed in her Alterviewees’ alter-histories, and occasionally to even mimic their language. However, the U.P’s excellence in the mind game of the alter-mission (see inspiration) allows her a far more elaborate use of her ultra-alterviewing skills.

The Ultra-Viewer is highly skilled in recognizing what Alter lies within a person and carefully luring it out. In such Alterviews she would try to avoid or amend inconsistencies: such is the case, for example, with Alter Personas like the Time Travelling Persona. Further, the U.P also aims to radicalize a Persona which is more stable and consistent, usually by provocation regarding apparent characteristics and inconsistencies the Persona wishes to avoid exhibiting. This line of action is more apparent in Alterviews with Personas such as the RockStar Persona, and all Personas who are easily provoked.

The most radicalized direction sometimes apparent in the U.P’s Alterviews is her ability to bear in mind the hidden Alter Persona inside a declared Alter Persona, that can be revealed only through incongruities. Such is the case in some Alterviews with Personas like the Superb Opera Singer.

The Ultra-Viewer Persona is clearly skilled enough to track and tackle almost any Persona in the core of its contradiction. Be that as it may, her Alterness depends almost solely on the well being and alter-self preservation of her alterviewees, and thus she appears to constantly situate herself in the core of her own contradiction: whilst she tenaciously strives to enable all Alter-Personas to articulate themselves as separate from their person, she also thrives on pronouncing the underlying dissensions in Alters, and unravelling their inconsistencies. The Ultra-Viewer Persona tends to become uncomfortable when Alter Personas lose their cohesion or use person-oriented content. In such cases she would refer to her need to consume a considerable amount of alcohol in order to proceed with the alterview.

The U.P has no alter-history and a very narrow alter-present. All histories of hers are alterview-dependent and usually regard her alterviewees.

*Safe Word – Butterfly

*Percentage of Sober Alterviews: 19%

*Mood Swings: Medium

*English Language: Fluent