The Alter Glossary

Alter-ego Persona, in short: Alter Persona, even shorter: Alter

All are welcome and congratulated here in The Sewers. See Our Inspiration and FAQ


References, allusions or reliance on any fact, thought or event that refer to the person, instead of the the Alter-ego Persona. Person-oriented content isn’t the stuff of alterviews and is frowned upon here in The Sewers.


An interview of an Alter-ego Persona. The fine art of luring out, articulating and presenting an Alter-ego Persona. An Alterview does not consist of person-oriented content, excluding scarce occurrences led by the Ultra-Viewer Persona’s discretion. See Ultra-Viewer Persona; see Protocol


The finer art of two or more Alter Personas conversing freely.

Crowd-dependent Alter Persona

A commonly grandiose Alter Persona, relying on its well developed alter-history and alter-present, that consist of the appreciation and admiration of others. See the Superb Opera Singer Persona. Contrary to more self-sufficient and person-grounded Personas, such as the Time Traveller Persona.