The Alter FAQ

What’s the difference between an Alter-ego Persona and a character?

An Alter-ego Persona exists at any given moment; it isn’t a mask of a character one applies and removes. An Alter must stem independently (but not always voluntarily) from a person and initially, it isn’t intentionally developed. That is to say: Alter Personas already exist within you, and unlike characters, they have the ability to coexist with you as person.

How many alters can a person have?

We don’t know. Plenty.

How come some Alter Personas have multiple gender?

They just do. We’re not gender bias as to our Alters. All are welcome.

Do Alter-ego Personas die?

Opinions vary. Alter Personas do vanish, but that isn’t to say that they die. We believe they just alter, or that some of their aspects become implemented in new Alter Personas.

Do Alter-ego Personas have Alter-ego Personas?

We do not discuss this in public.

How come the Ultra-Viewer Persona and other crowd-dependent Personas know so much about one another?

Most crowd-dependent Personas’ alter-histories are known here in The Sewers, as opposed to Alter Personas who rely on alterview-dependent histories. See Glossary.