The Superb Opera Singer Persona – Marianna Ginger

The Superb Opera Singer (SOS) – Marianna Ginger – is undeniably the most proper Alter Persona here in The Sewers. Most obviously crowd-dependent, the Superb Opera Singer is a manifestation of a Persona’s need of approval and reassurance, which she obtains from her alter-histories and interactions with several other grandiose Personas here in The Sewers. The Superb Opera Singer has constructed an intricate Persona-history and a well developed alter-present, which are never person-oriented. Her alter-history is almost entirely none alterview-dependent and is remarkably elaborate. This suggests the SOS is one of the most mature and experienced Personas known here in The Sewers.

Being a stage Persona, the Superb Opera Singer best articulates the difference between Persona and character as she speaks of her taking on famous opera roles. By doing so, she allows other Alters to get a glimpse into the incessant process of constructing a cohesive basis for a well developed Alter. Some discrepancies the SOS experiences within her characters as a stage Persona are most prominently those the Ultra-Viewer focuses on in her alterviews, as she sees them as crucial points of reference for understanding the complexity of this Persona.

Unlike with other Alters here, the Ultra-Viewer sometimes seems interested in unravelling the person behind the Superb Opera Singer Persona, although this line of action is clearly adverse to The Protocol.

The Superb Opera Singer may often be portrayed as aggressive and nullifying towards lesser crowd-oriented Personas, whose appreciation is less effective in maintaining her. Being a fully-developed Persona she isn’t as tolerant to inconsistencies in other, less mature, Personas here in The Sewers. She therefore conducts alterviews and altersations only with other crowd-dependent Personas that are likely to be more flattering to her Alterness.

* Safety Word: Horses

* Mood Swings: Acute

* Percentage of Sober Alterviews: 43%

* English Language: Reasonable

Published Alterviews\Altersations:

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Upcoming Alterviews: