Film Noir Persona

The Film Noir Persona (FNP) is perhaps the most controversial and bizarre Persona here in The Sewers. As expected, Film Noir Persona is somewhat of a private investigator who’s all too familiar with the streets of New York City late at night. His preferred mode of communication in a monologue, as he insists on telling his peculiar stories uninterrupted, and may become moderately agitated when a dialogue is forced upon him. At any given moment this Persona may engage in an uncontrollable verbal flux of observations regarding the nature of the present moment and the nature of human kind in general, all of a rather grim fashion.

Controversy regarding FNP revolves around his overly dated jargon and bluntly unrealistic alter-histories and alter-presents. It is obvious that all of FNP’s recollections during his monologues are not person-oriented, yet the immense aspect of fantasy in this Persona has raised questions as to the definition of the FNP as an Alter ego Persona, as opposed to a mere character (see FAQ concerning this matter). Viewed as an Alter, Film Noir Persona presents a radical incongruity in person-Persona relations, which renders him a challenging Persona to alterview. Further controversy regarding this Persona, as often mentioned by the U.P, is the FNP’s noticeable sexist conduct.

The Film Noir Persona is, so it seems, a relatively new Persona, who’s still in the process of realization. This is very apparent in the language used by the FNP, which despite relying heavily on old Film Noir jargon, isn’t fixed and seems to be evolving.

Given the Film Noir Persona’s reluctance to engage in dialogue, he or she do not conduct alterviews with new comers here in The Sewers, and rarely engage in altersations.

* Safe Word: Maspeth

* Percentage of sober alterview: 6%

* Mood swings: Moderate

* English Language: native (US)    

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