Just Protester Persona

The Just Protester (TJP), Trevor, is one of the most keen and wordy Personas here in The Sewers. TJP is relentlessly involved in political protests and social media projects, proclaiming his just opinions regarding what is right and righteous. The Just Protester Persona is fairly consistent in his main points of view, yet his rationalizations supporting his opinions aren’t always as cohesive.

Supposedly, the core of The Just Protester’s belief system is person-oriented, whilst his vast activism is mostly attributable to his Alterness. His alter-history and alter-present are commonly not alterview-dependent. However, when provoked or disputed, TJP might add unexpected events to his alter-history and/or present. Much like any Alter-ego Persona, The Just Protester may become aggravated once his discrepancies become apparent. His intense ardor for alter-self-justification is a trait relatable to all Personas, yet given the nature of his Alter it may sometimes lead him to some overly quarrelsome conduct during his alterviews.

The Just Protester is clearly a radicalization of its person, that is, he is not a substantive Alter in the sense that many of his Persona traits and interests stem from what appears to be his person wishful thinking. Thus, despite being quite a mature Persona, alterviews are of paramount importance for the TJP’s articulation and realization of his Alterness. Furthermore, given the active self-glorification aspect of his Persona as a radicalization of its person, The Just Protester is very sensitive and unwelcoming to any person-oriented insinuations, especially those regarding the actuality of his political activism.

TJP’s nemesis in The Sewers is the The Anarchist Philosopher Persona. Altersations between these two Personas are scarcely published due to their extreme length.

The Just Protester rarely conducts alterviews of new comers here in The Sewers. He’s considered a difficult alterviewee, and is mostly interested in being heard and winning arguments in which he can be proven just.

Safety word: Christ

Mood Swings: Acute

Percentage of Sober Alterviews: 64%

English: native (US)

Published Alterviews & Altersations: 

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