The RockStar Persona – Dorian Phoenix / Leandra Ghoulish

The Rockstar Persona is probably the most elaborate and complex Alter-ego Persona here in The Sewers. This Persona alternates quite extremely within itself, as it possess the male aspect of Dorian Phoenix, frontman of a British post-punk-rock band, and female aspect of Leandra Ghoulish, singer and guitarist of a hugely famous rock band from San Francisco. This split within an Alter Persona is not exclusive to the RockStar Persona, yet it’s articulated most intensely within it.

The RockStar Persona is highly crowd-dependent, as expected. Both aspects of this Persona are usually very coherent in their detailed alter-histories and alter-presents. Contradictions within the RockStar Persona mainly revolve confusion regarding these two aspects, but since they very rarely involve person-oriented matters they are mostly regarded as humorous.

The origin and motivation of this Persona remain unclear. It seems that unlike some crowd-dependent Personas, this Alter does not necessarily stem from a person’s wishful thinking, but rather from a playful perception of the concept of Alterness all together. The RockStar Persona exemplifies the appearance and articulation of a Persona as a performative suggestion of a continuously imagined Alter-existence, an aspect present in fact in every Alter. This Persona’s loose and playful conduct regarding his or hers Alterness thus generates and regenerates its radicality in every alterview, and has a major effect on other Alters around it. It is for that reason that the Ultra-Viewer may often seem forgiving of the RockStar’s misconducts during an alterview, in comparison to her rather strict stance alterviewing other Personas.

It has been noted that the RockStar Persona is most responsive to the Ultra-Viewer’s suggestive allusions to alter-presents, and thus alterviews with this Persona are considered highly co-generative. The ability to maintain such a high level of altersation indicates the RockStar Persona to be a very stable and probably mature Persona.

The RockStar rarely conducts alterviews with newcomers here in The Sewers, but occasionally engages in alterstations with other Alters.

Safe Word: Rotten

Percentage of Sober Alterviews: 8%

Mood Swings: Acute

English Language: Native (UK\US)

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