Dorian Phoenix 7th Alterview!

RockStar Dorian Phoenix talks about new songs “Ritalin Life” and “Tourette Party”, recent breakup with S.O.S Marianna Ginger and his fear of flying with U.S tour coming up

Dorian Phoenix, Welcome back to The Sewers! We congratulate you here and now!

Alright Ultra.

I heard your new song “Ritalin Life” and thought it was absolutely brilliant.

Ah yeah cheers. Nah I’m happy about it y’know? You’re not always happy with a song. Sometimes it’s like taken from you when you feel you’re not finished, you’re like ninety percent finished and it’s taken from you and it’s got a life of its own once people hear it. But this one was just ready to go and I’m happy about it, it’s really about what I’m about and what Rats at Dinner is about and our fans get it, cos they get what we’re about.

Seems like despite rumours about conflicts between you and Jake Mate, time in the studio did pay off.

Yeah it’s good to be in the studio for these moments when you make something new. It makes you wanna never get out of there again and you lose track of time and one song turns into two songs and it’s good. You remember what it’s about then. When you get your music to say what your words say. it’s like sometimes I think I could die right there and it’ll be alright cos I wrote this song and cos Jake got the bass right for it and Nick followed and Pete squeezed his strings just the right way and everything is just right.

That’s very sentimental.

Nah it ain’t. I mean when you’re off tour you forget what it’s about sometimes, yeah, I mean you don’t forget but you’re less urgent.

What does that mean?

I’m talking about getting used to the rhythm. It’s almost too easy sometimes. I mean I get used to things fast ah.

Is that a good thing?

Yeah, shit, of course. It’s the opposite of Ritalin life innit? They want you to be this one thing, d’y’know wha I mean?

Yes, but I recall you saying you can’t do anything other than what you do. So in a sense you are this one thing too.

Ah nah but I’m what I wanna be.

How do you know that?


How can you actually know you’re not what you’re not?

Wha? I dunno, you just know yeah? Like I was in a shop the other day and some guy was trying something on and he turned to me like we know each other and asked me if it looked good on him, and I said what the fuck mate I ain’t yer girlfriend, just look in the mirror mate and see for yerself, and he looked and said he thought it looked alright so I said so fucking buy it mate.

So did he?

Fuck dunno I had to go.

Right, that was a very insightful story. Are you excited about your upcoming U.S tour?

Yeah yeah. Some people like Bryan Ax who are pathetic said we wasn’t big enough for America but fuck we’re sold out and it’s gonna be abnormal, shoes on. I’m waiting for it. It’s a huge crowd that’s waiting for us and it’s more people who gets what we’re about.

What about the flights?

Ah, nah, yeah, d’ya’now what I’m saying? I’m gonna get through this and I’m gonna eat the airplane food and be nice to the airplane people cos that’s their job to be there all the time in the plane cos they aren’t afraid of fucking dying everyday so I have respect for them, cos they’re fucking suicidal and psychotic and you have to have respect for people like that don’t ya?


Yeah and they kinda sexy too yeah? With those skirts going sir, would you like this kind of shit or that kind of shit? And I’d go alright lady, I’d have that shit and thank you for taking care of us and keeping the plane up in the air cos you’re fucking great.

Good, good.

Yeah, I’m gonna be polite d’y’know what I’m saying? Cos I don’t want anyone getting angry up there.

That’s smart, yes. How have you been since last time we talked? How are you doing?

Ah yeah nah I’m like a rat aren’t I? right back on my feet innit?

That’s cats.

Ah rats eat cats don’t they? So I’m well back on my feet with my shoes on yeah? It don’t matter anymore the things that happened cos I ain’t a loser who thinks too much about how things were, d’y’know what I’m saying?

You were quite devastated last time we talked. I’m glad to see you got yourself together.

Ah yeah I’m together with myself aren’t I? Paul our manager always says, get yerself togetha ah Dorian? Get it togetha mate, and I got it that I’m togetha with meself when I don’t get distracted by females who are stupid yeah? And I don’t need fucking Ritalin for that.

Are all females stupid?

Wha? Nah, nah. it’s just that girls who get in yer face too much, you gotta let ’em go, d’y’know what I’m saying?


Yeah cos it was like Romeo and Juliet what I had with Marianna so it just had to end d’y’know what I’m saying?

Like Romeo and Juliet?

Ah yeah cos she’s like this posh girl and I was like this punk lad and her parents didn’t like me so they had me killed by the Sicilian mafia.

That’s not how the story goes, you know?

That’s my story though innit?

Right. can we talk about your other new song, “Tourette Party”, which came out shortly after “Ritalin Life”?

Ah yeah. It’s about people who hate and people who judge, d’y’know what I mean? That’s why we say “I’m gonna talk like I talk and I ain’t here to hear ya”. It’s about not changing who you are for fucking no one, d’y’know what I mean?

Of course. I recall Marianna Ginger saying the time she spent with the band felt like being surrounded by people with Tourette Syndrome.

Ah yeah cos she’s fucking racists, ain’t she? Like all posh girls, they’re racist cunts.

How’s that racism?

Yeah, fuck.

Isn’t saying that all posh girls are racist also racist?

Wha? Fuck off, wha d’ya want?

How are you going to handle all the political correctness in the U.S?

Wha? Where the president grabs ’em by the pussy?

You have a point there. Will you say hi to Bryan Ax when you’re in L.A?

Ah yeah if asks me for an autograph then yeah why the fuck not, I’ll dedicate it to his cunt sister.

Alright thank you very much. We thank you and congratulate you and have a safe flight.

Fuck, why would you say that? why wund’t I?



Bye Dorian!

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