Marianna Ginger Leaving London

S.O.S Marianna Ginger seems fed up with London and with Rats at Dinner frontman, and refuses to disclose details about new opera in Berlin

Marianna Ginger, the Superb Opera Singer, welcome back to The Sewers, thank you for being here.

Thank you, Hello.

How have you been?

I have been fine, yes.

Still in London.

Yes, I am leaving tomorrow to Berlin.

Did your visit to London have to do with the Fringe Opera Group?

I will make statement when I am in Berlin, but I am not joining the FOG again, not this year.

Oh such a shame.

There are other things so it is not a shame.

So you came to London to celebrate new years and stayed a while.

It is very important to celebrate new beginnings, yes. This is a time of year when I think a lot about changes and what is right for me and what is not.

It’s mid-March, you know.

Yes, I think long time sometimes. Sometimes I stop and think about life, I think a lot about life. It is good to have what you can call a midlife crisis every five to eight years, that is what I think. Because you do not know when the middle of your life is. So sometimes you need to think for a long time. And now I feel that leaving London tomorrow is what I need and what is right. This is the change I need now, to have distance.

From what?

From places that are not the places for me.

What kind of places?  

Places where I feel that I lose my vigour and my – how do you say – my sense of self.


Yes. I feel that I stayed here to heal from the tragedy and the terrible loss of Antonio Giglies, may he rest in peace. Such an artist, he had such a soul that is, how do you say, dedicated to the art. Yes. I stayed here to heal and I find myself forgetting Antonio and forgetting Marianna Ginger as well, so it is time for me to leave and come back to where I truly belong.

Where’s that?

It is not a place. It is the people you surround yourself with. I felt outside of my life for a long time enough to come back to myself and I am more ready now to return.

Do you feel the people you surround yourself with have such an impact on your sense of self? 

No, not always, it is not always the same. But in times when tragedies happen you feel it more, that is what I believe, when there is less, how do you say, ground under your legs. Your feet. And it took me long time to understand how to go back to my life after this. Because I felt that I did not very much understand my life in the latest time, in the – how do you say – recently.

How do you mean?

I started to see that I was not where I belong.

You mean in British tabloids being photographed with RockStar Dorian Phoenix totally drunk?

Please, please. This is fake news. This is fake news. This is something that I do not do.

So is that what you meant by being the wrong place?

Perhaps. I am leaving to Berlin tomorrow and to change the place for a while.

What will be different for you once you leave?

I said it more than three times already and you keep asking, this is very exhausting for me.

Oh I’m so sorry, I’m just sincerely trying to understand.

If you do not understand I will not repeat myself and then you will not understand again. As I said before, we all seek a place where we belong.

It’s understandable that you feel you don’t belong in the Rats at Dinner crowd in London. Surely it was exciting for a while –

Do you think I do not belong there?

Well I don’t – you just said.

It is true, it is true I should be in company of other people, more intellectual people, more – how do you say – mannered people, people who have more respect. Yes, this is very true.

You mean to say, people who are more in your league.

Yes, and I do not care at all for football, that is one more thing. You cannot talk about football, there is not depth in football, I do not understand how they can talk so much about football.

Oh, because I said league –

And there is a way in which you talk about things. There is a way of talking, you do not have to say bad language all of the time, it is like there is a Tourette Syndrome party all the time.

Hah Tourette Syndrome party sounds like a Rats at Dinner song –

What is humorous about it? I do not understand. This is something that is very bad to get used to. It is not, how do you say, proper, to talk like this all of the time if you do not have the syndrome.

Dare I ask, does this mean you and Dorian Phoenix are no longer –

This is irrelevant, irrelevant, this is yellow press and I will not cooperate with this!

Right, of course. Please give us a hint about your next project.

I will make statement when I will arrive to Berlin. But it is something new, very new.

A new opera?

Yes. Very new.

How exciting! Was it written specifically for you?

It is made for me and for my voice, yes.

You must be thrilled, this is such an honour. Who’s the composer?

I will make statement in Berlin, we are all very excited and keeping this secret and I must have respect for the other artist who are involved.

Of course, of course. We’ll be awaiting your statement. We wish you the best of luck in your new project and your new resolutions as well.   

Thank you, thank you very much.

We congratulate you here and now, Marianna Ginger.

Of course, yes.

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